Richard Dudgeon, Inc., rents and sells hydraulic jacking equipment/systems, technical support, jack/gauge, load cell/display calibration services and site assistance for lifting and lowering projects. Our expertise includes bridges, buildings, roof lifts, pile tests, under pinning, post tensioning, and the lifting of heavy structures. No job is too small or too large.

We are a distributor of SPX Power Team products, as well as sell and rent our own Richard Dudgeon, Inc. brand of jacks, hydraulic equipment and accessories. In addition to standard products, we design and manufacture custom jacks and lifting systems built for your specific application.

Large synchronous systems for multiple-point lifts are a Dudgeon specialty. We can manage the tightest tolerances with minimal differential between lifting points.

Calibration Reports and Gauge Certifications prepared by Richard Dudgeon, Inc., are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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